LAPTOP SCREENS:  Laptop screens are pretty easy to break or sometimes the background lights just burn out.  Screen replacements usually take about a week; we like to tear it apart to get the part number off the broken one before we order it to ensure the exact replacement. 

Price $125 could vary depending on price of parts   

BACKUPS:  Computers fail and they can destroy all of your important information when they do. If you’re not already doing it you really need to start if you have anything on your computer you don’t want to lose. We can set up an automatic backup to an external hard drive or flash-drive.  Price varies depending on method

LAPTOP POWER JACK:  If your laptop isn’t charging it’s usually the charger but sometimes it’s the port where it plugs into the laptop.  We can take care of either problem and get it going again.  The power jack usually takes about a week since we need to order the correct jack before we can start the repair. Price $150 could vary depending on price of parts   

NETWORKING:  We setup wired and wireless networks, to include wireless printers and other devices. We can also set up printer and file sharing.

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CLEANUP:   Is your computer running slow or do you have windows popping up? If so, you probably need a cleanup. A cleanup consists of spyware/ malware and  virus removal. After its cleaned we perform windows updates and optimization. We will also install a free anti-virus if you don't already own one.

Price $115 

We know you don't want to disconnect your PC and take it to a shop for repairs, so we come to you.  Most repairs are made at your home or business.  If the repairs will take too long we will disconnect it and take it to the shop. Once it’s repaired we’ll bring it back and reconnect it. If we have to take it most repairs are completed within 24-48 hours.

UPGRADES AND REPAIRS:   Sometimes you need to upgrade your computer hardware and/or software to run specific or newer programs or just make it faster, we can do that for you. We can also replace any parts that fail in the computer and get it running again. 

Price varies depending on price of parts   

RELOAD:   Sometimes malware and viruses have infected your computer to the point that they can't reasonably be removed. When this happens, the only way to fix it is to erase everything and start over.  We will back up all your pictures, documents and music to our server then move them back after your computer is reloaded.  If you have any specific programs such as financial, genealogy or any other program that you need backed up just let us know about it. 

Price $90